I really enjoyed these words by Steve Osborne [from one of his blog posts at The Writers Bag ]

“Writing is therapy. Socrates claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Taking the time to honestly document your soul on paper is a powerful form of self-examination. It heals. It guides. It calms. It helps make life worth living.

I know this is true. Every day – sometimes several times a day – I take a pen and notebook and simply write. I always use a specific type of pen and a Moleskine notebook because they enhance the experience. I get in a quiet place to write, but if I can’t, I quiet my mind before I begin. This is not difficult. The act of writing forces me to slow down, concentrate, focus and center myself – whether I’m on a mountain peak or in an airport.”

I just wished I had more time to write; I have to really concentrate when I write, as English is not my mother tongue. I find it easier to grab my Moleskine and sketch when I’m out and about. For example, these are chairs I have sketched while in waiting rooms.

But I am trying to write more, I’m trying…

3 thoughts on “Clipping

  1. Hi Marina!I used to sometimes struggle to write, too, even though English is my first language. One thing that helped me was to write a little every day, just like your snippet suggests. My main problem is that I write a lot, but I forget to add pictures or things like that to break things up a bit. Maybe you could scan copies of some of your sketches and write about what made you want to craw them?

  2. Thanks, Sarah.I do that in my art blog [], and even there I am very telegraphic :-). I am more a visual person and I have to force myself to use words (just your opposite :-).But I guess I’ll have to put some effort…..Thanks again for your comment.

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