Today I had a great day. Finally!
Everybody was happy at work and we had a good time. I am really tired now, but I don’t feel as bad as the last couple of weeks.

I think this is due to the fact that I finally have accepted the fact that I am better off without certain people in my life (I am referring to a situation I explained in this post). The curious thing is that friend2 [actually, I don’t want to call them “friend” anymore, I’ll go with “person”], so person2 seems to be ridiculously adamant to let me know how much she does not care about me, but she is using so much time and energy to accomplish it, that it’s a huge contradiction.

Also she seems to emphasize that she and person1 often “compare notes” and they agree on how messed up I am. She surely spends a lot of time either talking about me or dissing me. Of course I am not full of joy when I read those nasty messages, in fact, right now, I am writing this post to reason with myself and conclude that those individuals are not worth my time: the more I hear those things, the better I feel about them not being in my life anymore.

person2 is really bitter, her messages ARE full of extremely hurtful things, and considering she is so religious (she claims to be a Jehova’s witness) she surely does not act like the bible preaches…

Another subject that seem to occupy her time, is counting my friends. I remember when in elementary school kids used to list friends names to see who had more….. Well, maybe she still likes to count friends. I guess that’s her prerogative.
But quality is better than quantity when it comes to friends….

I really feel bad for her: so much venom. Why doesn’t she enjoy life instead of wasting time messaging me?

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Marina,I am sorry to hear that someone who you once thought to call a friend is being such a negative drain. I absolutely agree: quality of friendship is always better than quantity. As a person who can count her friends on her fingers, I do not at all feel deprived – every one of them is important! I hope she stops bugging you so you can forget about her more quickly.

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