Clutter Control

A few tips to help get rid of “stuff” when attempting to confront clutter in a room:

1. Get rid of the largest items in the room first, this would make a noticeable improvement right away.

2. Clear the floor: use boxes, trash bags or laundry basket to collect items on the floor. You can sort them out later, meantime you’ll have instant floor space that will make the room look neater.

3. Go thru your clothes and get rid of 10 items now; if you have not worn them in the last 12 months, you probably won’t wear them in the future.

4. Make a point to clear your desk [or table] before you leave the room it’s in, or at least before the end of the day. It will feel good to sit at it tomorrow without stuff all over it.

Physical baggage equates with emotional baggage [Skye Alexander]

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step [Buddhist saying]

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