Stop and Smell. Period.

When I was 13 or 14 years old, my dad gave me a bottle of Miss Dior by Christian Dior perfume as a gift.
I liked everything about that gift: the box, the fact I had to struggle to tear the cellophane wrapping, the shape of the bottle, the black and white checkered label, the scent, and, of course, the fact that my dad gave it to me.

Since then I have always being passionate about perfumes. And since then, I found myself going through a different bottle of perfume per season. I also began collecting miniature perfume bottles, the majority of which, [about 220] I just recently sold on Ebay. Amongst the many perfumes I have worn, there have been some that I liked more than others and “stayed” with me a little longer than a season, like Caleche [Hermes], Opium [Yves Saint Laurent] Cinnabar [Estee Lauder] and, more recently, Aromatics Elixir [Clinique]. I am really stuck on the latter, I went through about four bottles until now.
I still enjoy other perfumes, but I always go back to Aromatics. The latest addition was purchased during my recent trip to Italy: Hippy Fizz by Moschino Cheap and Chic; it’s fresh and citrucy, smells like grapefruit!
Other perfumes I currently wear are shown in the photo below. From left clockwise: Aromatics, Chanel N.5, Missoni, Hippy Fizz, BabyDoll [Yves Saint Laurent], and Prada.

Did you ever smell a perfume you used to wear and, all of a sudden, you “re-lived” a happy moment of your life? Happens to me all the time.

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