Pink Link 2

My contribution to Pink Saturday this week consists of shots taken while I was in Italy last month visiting my family.

First I am sharing the image of this Hello Kitty Smart car. The interior is also pink. Cool, uh?

Then, a little trip to the grocery store; here are some salami and hams featuring a teddy bear image in them!! odd, uh?

Here is a pink building; eccentric, uh?

And a candy store named “Dolci Tentazioni [=Sweet Temptations]. sweet, uh?

Last, but not least, the pink flowers on Mao’s pillow. Mao is my cousin’s cat. Gorgeous, uh?

13 thoughts on “Pink Link 2

  1. Hi! Nice to meet you!what a fun pink post! I am Marina, too! In spanish two person with iqual name is: Tocaya.You have nice grey cat! is so cute!visit me anytime!!!Marina

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Marina.The pink Hello Kitty car made me smile. Isn’t it amazing the things people think to do?!Thanks for sharing all of your fun pinks today.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! My sister Karen from introduced me to Pink Saturday and today is my first day participating.Your pink post today is pretty and your blog is gorgeous! I want that tiny pink car!Susan

  4. Yeah! We have two Marinas participating in Pink Saturdays! LOVED the pink Hello Kitty car and your sweet kitty on that lovely pillow! You are entered in the Pink Sat. Starter Kit drawing! good luck, dana

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