Marina…you are courageous!

I just joined the group named “Be Proud of Who You Are” where you are challenged every week [or how often you wish] to post a compliment to yourself. The title of this post is my first compliment to myself.

It was first pointed out to me by friends and then I began telling myself “that’s right: I am courageous!”.

I guess I can elaborate on this with a couple of examples:

1. At the age of 28- I was still living in Italy-, I married my [American] husband who promised me we would not move out of my country, ever! He then got into trouble on the ship and was given 20 days to transfer to another ship stationed in the USA. In 20 days I had to arrange a move of our belonging, deal with all issues connected to suddenly leaving an apartment, announce this to my family, and convince myself it was going to be OK; all while taking care of our 4 months old baby. I moved to a country too far away from my family, with my school level knowledge of the English language, and nobody I knew waiting for me here. I left behind some great friends [we are still friends, but, you know…so far away] and had to start from scratch building circles of friends and acquaintances. When I was miserable I made sure my daughter could not notice it, actually sometimes I hid it from me too….If I stopped to feel miserable, I don’t think I would have lasted here.

2.This past January I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was immediately scheduled for surgery and radiation treatments. Everything happened so fast that I did not really have time to feel anything but “I gotta get thru this”: so far so good! Laughter was a huge help, and art: drawing while in waiting rooms was soothing therapy.

These are two major events in my life that I feel gave me a different outlook on life, and definitely made me stronger.

Oh, and, by the way, I think I feel courageous also for writing about them in this blog, as I have not shared this (especially #2) but with some family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Marina…you are courageous!

  1. thank you so much, Sarah. And I appreciate your comment too. Thanks for stopping by…[wow, the two sarah’s left me a comment :-)]

  2. All parts of your life journey, which were tailor made for you.And building courage, you are right, is something that can keep growing and growing with each new challenge. I wish you more and more courage,as you journey along, and contentment as you climb over whatever obstacles befall you. You are Brave, indeed,And your English Quite good.

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