Pink Link 3

This week, for Pink Saturday, I’d like to share some of my art: few whimsical paintings and drawings.

Here is “Pink as a Hippo”.
Media: Watercolor pencils.
Dimensions: 3″ X 5″.

Next is “Pink Polka-dots Poodle Piling Pears on a Perplexed Panther”.
Media: acrylics on canvas
Dimensions: 6″ X 6″ x 5/8″

This was an entry in the EBSQ show “Think Pink: A Fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Foundation”. Here is the thought behind this little painting.
Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion. It directly impacts one’s electro-magnetic field and creates a positive aura around that person. Laughter helps us feel better, it helps us cope with stressful situations that come our way. I strongly believe in this; I also believe laughter is healing, so here is my offering to the breast cancer cause: a medicine of laughter. This little painting started off in my head from the word “pink”..once I added “poodle” and “polka-dots”, there was no stopping me.

I hope I got at least a smile out of you with this one πŸ™‚

Let’s move on with “Camillo”.
Media: acrylics on artist board
Dimensions: 4″ X 4″ X 3/8″

Camillo is a tall cat. He likes trotting around the court. And scratching his back on the dry sandy gutter. Part of the “One Hundred and One Tails” series.

And “Fiesta”
Media: oils on canvas
Dimensions: 16″ X 20″

I always liked giant chrysanthemums: they remind me of Autumn in Italy when, around the Day of the Dead, you are surrounded by the festive colors of these flowers. The streets are dotted by carts of mums vendors and the visits to the cemetery are less gloomy and sad because of their colors all over the graves.

Lastly showing “Barbie’s Accessories”, sketched on my Moleskine sketchbiook.

For more of my art please visit

For more of this week Pink Saturday participants, visit Beverly’s blog

17 thoughts on “Pink Link 3

  1. thank you so much Lynn! I know why you like the poodle!!!!!! πŸ™‚ hahahahayes, it was probably cafepress!thank you so much for your nice comment.

  2. HiNice to meet you! My husband was born in Calabria, Italy and has been living in the US since he was 8. All his relatives are still there though.Thansk for the welcome to Pink Saturday!Your art work is charming! I love black cats.

  3. I LOVE your artwork! It’s so adorable! I love the whimsy of the poodle picture, it did make me smile, even before I saw the picture I was laughing about the title! You’re very talented, and now I must go and check out the rest of your art!Margie πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, Margie, thank you so much for your wonderful comment!! It’s so encouraging.. you made my day!ThanksMarina

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