My Dip Pens


3 thoughts on “My Dip Pens

  1. Wow, very cool! I’ve got a couple of pens like that, but they aren’t quite that nice. And I don’t have a really awesome rack like you do. Where did you find it?

  2. aren’t these so hard to write with? i bet you are good at them because you are an artist. from my account though, the romance is lost by using the pen by the child-like chicken scratch! what can you do?!

  3. Thanks to both for the comments!I bought it here.I don’t feel they are hard to write with; I enjoy everything about using them: from the dipping [and the noise of the nib against the glass of the well] to the wetness of the ink that lingers for a little while, to the marks/lines, some irregular, some thick, some thin, making the result interesting.I even like it when sometimes the nib scratches splattering ink on the paper.I have to add that in Italy we had to use fountain pens only in grade school, so I built some skills many years ago….

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