Bellagio [Favorite Foto on Friday 3]

This is my contribution to friday’s foto finish fiesta.

Street Light – Salita Serbelloni in Bellagio (lake Como).

Every time I go to Italy to visit my family, I take a day to visit Bellagio. It is just half hour drive from my hometown, but I prefer to get there by ferry. It takes a little longer but it gives me the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view from the lake. Here is an example of the view:

Bellagio is a very beautiful small town on a steep hill. It has a very Mediterranean feeling, with palm trees, flowers, pretty alleys and cobblestone streets which give the town so much charm.

There are streets full of steps which climb at about a 45 degree angle from the lake to the top of the town, bordered by restaurants and many shops selling Italian pottery, antiques, leather, and silk products [silk production is the region’s trademark (second only in production to China)].
The first photo in this post was taken at the very top of one of these streets [=salita]. And the one below shows the salita itself.

Bellagio has been labeled “the Pearl of Larius” and “the prettiest town in Europe”; it is definitely well known in all Europe and more so now that George Clooney bought a villa nearby [see it below]

I’m looking forward to my next visit there….


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