Congratulations, Stephanie!

I just had to dedicate a post to my daughter who, beside being the best thing that ever happened to me, is such a great person.
I often wonder “how did she become the way she did?”.

I just want to brag a little, please allow me.

When she was a baby, she never kept me up at night.
While growing up she “absorbed” all she was thought so easily and diligently.
She never had a tantrum, I never had to tell her “don’t touch that” when in someone’s house: just a great kid!
I was not that good, my husband was not that good: how did she turned out like this????

In 4th and 5th grade she became showing her passion for learning and she continued on throughout all her school years. Her teachers often asked me [jokingly] why I would go to teachers conference meetings, and what a dream was to have students like her in their classrooms. Stephanie has been an A student since elementary school!!!!!

She is literally my pride and joy.

After high school she received a full scholarship to attend the University of Virginia where she graduated with Honors in Psychology and Art [Media Studies]. She then decided to seek a master’s degree and moved to L.A. to the California Institute of the Arts. She obtained her degree in Film this past May.

After spending some time in Italy with grandma this past summer, she went back to L.A. and began applying for jobs to different agencies in the field of her interest.

Today she received the great news: they offered her the job she wanted.

I am so very happy for her: she surely deserves something good. She worked so hard for it!
My pride and joy.
Here she is:

Update: Stephanie recently (2022) won an Oscar along with the crew that worked on the documentary short “The Queen of Basketball”. So, so proud of her.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations, Stephanie!

  1. aawwww.. thank you so very much Sarah! That is so nice of you [but, seriously, I do not know what I did, I really was a rebel kid; her birth actually changed me and made me more responsible :-)]

  2. lil’ baby stephanie is so cute! omg! i have always loved her curly hair! i hope she’s having a blast in school!

  3. Congratulations to Stephanie. You have every reason to be very proud of her accomplishments! I enjoyed reading about her. She looks adorable in her pink swimsuit and hat for Pink Saturday, too.

  4. She really is your masterpiece. You did a great job. She would tell you the same. If sophie grows up half as well I will be pleased.

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