Pink Link 8

First stop: Los Angeles!

I went there in June to visit my daughter.

During our shopping travels we visited this small and friendly apothecary-style beauty shop on Sunset Blvd, called Le Pink, decorated with vintage perfume bottles and toys. Jars of penny candy are casually placed amongst high end beauty products, like soaps, lotions, candles, and (non designer) perfumes.

The walls are painted in pink: see?

I love that little doll in red with the funny face! [above]

Next stop: Glendale, right outside L.A. where the new open-air mall Americana just opened.
Here is a store front, with a pink “cover”, see the door under the letters “Plas”?

Another pink thing I “captured” there, is this mandevilla in bloom: beautiful, isn’t it?

***sighs*** that was a nice trip….

Now hurry to Beverly’s blog for links to other Pink Saturday entries.

15 thoughts on “Pink Link 8

  1. Fun posts…great pink stores…Thanks for the lovely trip…Enjoy the view….Happy Pink…Katherinellen….Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments..

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