Pink Link 9

For Pink Saturday I am posting photos of The Painted Lady Tea Room, a nice local dining establishment where fine teas, scones, or Sunday brunch are served on tables with doilies.
Painted Lady is a term for a Victorian style house that has been gussied up with gingerbread and painted in a bold colorful style.

11 thoughts on “Pink Link 9

  1. What a lovely pink tea room! Oh how I wish I could take my daughter and go have tea there. It is just what I need! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. How wonderful!!! I’m curious now…so I need for you to go inside and take more pictures (he he)!!Happy Pink Saturday!StephanieP.S. Love that yellow purse! It’s fabulous!!

  3. Such a beautiful painted lady. I would love to dine there. Happy late Pink Saturday..have a great week. 🙂 Come visit.

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