10 Things I Really Like

My friend Valerie recently “suggested” to blog about 10 things I really like. So here goes.

This list does not record the things I like the most, just the first 10 THINGS I really like that came to my mind.

1) Good & Plenty candies

2)The moment when, after work, I change into my comfy clothes or pajama…aaahh….

3)The smell of an open new book.

4)Geese in flight in the V formation: amazing!

5)Laughing and everything or everyone that causes laughter.

6)Pens and Moleskines

7)Spending time on my Mac computer.

8)The moment I get into bed, when I feel my body exulting for joy, and the fluffy down comforter, and I hold the remote control in my hand and I see my dogs going into their beds….one of the best moments of the day…


10)Taking photos of things I like.

There are sooo many things I like, for few more view my 100 facts about me, many of those are things I like.

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