Pink Link 11

A little trip to the store to capture few pink food items:

how about some pink sugar: yum! right next to a pink tin of pie spices.

Want some hot cocoa? how about Snoopy Pink Hot Chocolate?

Caffe’ rosa. That’s Pink Coffee. Pink on the packaging only, thank you!

And for Martini lovers, a Pomegranate Martini set with shaker.

This concludes the pink hunt of this week.

Wait…wait…here is a sweet video of a cat in the sink of a pink bathroom

Today I am grateful for being able to see some snowflakes fluttering around this morning. Too bad they did not stick!

12 thoughts on “Pink Link 11

  1. Okay, I must be evil because what I expected to see was what happened when someone turned on the faucet. I am truly ashamed.Lovely pinks!Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Thank you for visiting me. I love your pink post. I am surprised the cat finds the sink comfortable. But then they find strange places comfortable anyway.

  3. Happy belated Pink Saturday..I loved your pinks and the silly cat. Doesn’t he know there’s water in that faucet????

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Marina. I am sorry that I am so late leaving a comment.I love your pink grocery store trip. What did you decorate with the pink sugars?

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