Venus Dingo

Reality Scene: [interior]
Joe and Marina sitting at the table.

Joe playfully throws some punches in the air, saying: “Sometimes you got to fight the *??????unintelligible*.
Marina: the “dingos”?
Joe: the *??????unintelligible*…
Marina: †he “venus”?
Joe, laughing and yelling: the “demons”!!!!!!

Both laughing outloud…..

phew….:-) that was funny.

*cough, cough* you had to be there….

Today I am grateful for being at home and laughing.

2 thoughts on “Venus Dingo

  1. Hi Marina, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see Dawn visited here. She is also a poster on my blog and oftentimes folks get confused. Her blog is C and G Design. I’ll let her know you stopped by. Take care.

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