I found a box of Finnish Sweet Licorice at TJMaxx and I had to try it.
It is so good that I had to dedicate a post to it.

I have been a fan of black licorice since I was little.

Like every kids in Italy, i used to spend all my Sunday afternoons at the “oratorio” [which is a complex adjacent to a church offering recreational and cultural activities to youths]. It was really a fun place to be and the walk there involved a stop at the candy store -more like a candy closet,- and it smelled so good. With 100 lire I could fill a small paper bag with all kinds of candy.

My favorites were colorful sugar candy with black licorice inside, the equivalent to Good & Plenty; also a licorice root, which looked like a stick of wood [=the root, duh!] that you just chewed and sucked. It lasted all afternoon!

I also remember this metal round tin, TABU’, containing tiny bits of pure licorice; to open it you had to hold the tin between your palms and twist your hands in different direction until the hole appeared to let the tabu’s out.

Mmmmh! Nice memories, and sweet, too.

Today I am grateful for licorice.

2 thoughts on “Licorice

  1. I love sweet licorice, too, and nobody else in my family does!! have you ever had the salt licorice they like in Denmark and Holland? Eeeuuwww! that stuff is scarey!

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