Pink Link 13

It’s Pink Saturday in the kitchen.
Fiesta! Pink Fiesta dishes and cups.

Some fun pyrex bowls.

A festive pink oven mitt.

And a “homemade” kitschy jar of pork ‘n beans.

Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things.

Today I am grateful for the strength to deal with breast cancer diagnosis, treatments, and everything that comes with it.

11 thoughts on “Pink Link 13

  1. Pink will forever be with us…there is no escaping it now. Have you sen how much pink is on the market latley?Do stop by and check out our contest going on right now..hope to see ya there.Sondra

  2. Hah! that last picture made me laugh.I wish you strength and support for what you’re going through. The sense of humor and thought your brought to this Pink Saturday post is an indicator that your attitude is positive – you’ll get through it all right.Best wishes.

  3. That pork and beans jar is so hilarious. I’ve never seen one like it.God bless you through your diagnosis.

  4. Oh my, Marina. I had no idea you had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please know that you will be in my prayers.Your pinks today are pretty and fun. The jar of “pork and beans” is hilarious.

  5. I love your pork and beans. It’s so cute. Happy belated Pink Saturday..have a lovely week.And know that so many hugs, love and pratyes are with you. You have a whole support system here..May God bless..

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