iPod Coma

My iPod is in a coma!

I went to the gym today [thank you, thank you, stop the applause]. I walked half hour on the treadmill while watching Cars on the iPod. While heading to the back to change for swimming, I dropped it!!!!!
It’s now on, but blank. It doesn’t turn off, nor does anything else. It just stares at me without saying anything.
I plugged it in to see if it’ll get better, but I am scared that I will have to pull the plug [USB plug, that is].

So sad…

Today I am grateful for being able to afford things like an iPod and a gym membership


5 thoughts on “iPod Coma

  1. it is probably exhausted, has sore wires, and hungry (like a shark) after the workout! the ipod also had to drive the “cars”, geez- give it a good smack–“god smack” cd that is, or call the “handyman”-james taylor? i would probably go into a coma too…

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