Gi-mongous Santa

I see him everyday when I go to work.
Always standing in the Christmas trees lot. Actually I saw him one time laying down: the wind must have been really strong to push down an 8′ statue!

Now click for more photos on the same theme.

Today I am grateful for being able to find “fun” all around me.

7 thoughts on “Gi-mongous Santa

  1. Hi Marina :)Welcome to the Round Robin Challenges! That is a delightful Santa! I have never seen one quite that big before. What a great photo for the challenge. 🙂 Really, really fun. Once again WELCOME. I will be looking forward to seeing more photos from you. Take Care.All my best, Carly

  2. Hi Marina, that is one huge Santa! Welcome to the Robins! I noticed the pink right away! I have not read much of your blog, but I will be back..Breast Cancer is a terrible fight but more women are winning every day. My Aunt is a 15 year survivor, and my sister in law one year in July..the chemo is so horrendous. A Year ago we were making chemo hats for her..this year she has some short hair!! It is nice to meet you:) Great music you have here too!

  3. He looks very big ! I read in your profile that you come from Italy, my hubby is Italian too, from the Garda Lake, we live in Belgium.

  4. Love the big Santa at the tree lot. When we were younger and our kids were babies we had a tree lot. Fun but hard work. I also notice the pink. My neice started with breast cancer three years ago, now has brain cancer. She is a trooper. Strong willed and a very Godly woman. God is using her to make a difference in so many lives. Take care, be well.

  5. Hi, Marina, and welcome to the Robins! I like that Santa a lot, especially the “bagginess” stripes on his clothing. I look forward to seeing your contributions to future Challenges!

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