Oh, Christmas Tree

Instead of hanging the usual Christmas tree ornaments that I have been collecting since a long time ago when I moved to the USA, four years ago I began using ornaments by a theme or color. It all started when I bought a white Christmas tree.

That year, blue and lime green was my choice. Even the lights were green and blue.
And then I did red and white. With red lights.
The following year all the ornament were pink. That was fun, finding pink ornaments…
Last year all the ornaments were animals. I enjoyed looking for animal ornaments, especially when I found vintage ones at the thrift store.

This year I decided to use bells. Just bells.
Here are some of the bells I found:

cardinals and chickadees

a ladybug

a scottie holding a bone (if you pull the weight, he lifts his arm)

bell-shaped lights

bells garland

angel bell

bell ornament by Snowbabies Collectibles

Betty Boop sitting on a bell

3″ bells in pink, silver and white

metal bell with holly

Here is the tree.
I took this photo while I was decorating the tree, it’s not completed, and, unfortunately, it looks a little like a Charlie Brown tree, but it is really pretty in real life.

Caesar the cat loves the Christmas tree and this year it’s really noticeable when he decides to play with some of the ornaments… ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I am grateful for bells. Little bells and big bells. Church bells sound so good to me, they remind me of my hometown in Italy where bells toll every hour.

7 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree

  1. Oh sweetie, what a FANTASTIC idea! I adore bells in any shape and form. Their tinkle always gives me a smile. This year my mom is making a butterfly Christmas tree (since we have a hot, summery Christmas) and butterflies and flowers will most definitely be the theme of our Christmas dinner over at my folks, too.Ah, but bells! I’m enchanted!May you have a holy holiday season filled with joy!

  2. What a beautiful tree. I love your idea. Keeps it interesting every year. Thanks so much for sharing.Found you on Candid Carrie.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love how you use vintage items. The search makes it even more fun! Have a great Christmas!

  4. YouTube – AC/DC – Hell’s Bells 1488319 views. manicstpreacher2003 ยท Ac/Dc Hells Bells …5 min – whenever i think of bells i think of ac/dc…i am an old die hard rock and roll girl home grown in the south, so i am also a grit-girl raised in tennessee. love bells, hells/bells too. you have to guess who this is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwxJ46HWXbA

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