Oh Susanna!

One of my favorite toys [beside my wheeled toys blogged here] was definitely a doll named Susanna. Made in the 60’s by an Italian doll making company, Furga, Susanna had 3 sisters: Simona, Sylvie and Sheila.
Here is a cool advertisement of the dolls:

a-la-Charlie’s Angels-mode

I assume they were made after the Barbie doll was introduced in Italy, in an attempt to offer an Italian product similar to the famous American doll, with the (big) difference of not having breast. And, thank you, Furga for that, because I absolutely could not stand a breasted doll! I wanted a “friend” to play with, resembling someone closer to my age, not a supermodel.

The Furga dolls had a great success in Italy and they were called the “bambole-amiche” [=dolls-friends] as they prompted the child’s identification process, no longer with a mother figure caring for a baby, but with a young friend just a bit older than the little girl, with whom she could play on an equal level, projecting herself and her first “coquettishness” on the doll.

The four sisters were called ALTA MODA dolls [=high fashion dolls] as they had a rich wardrobe, they had clothes for every moment of the day, if you could afford them of course, complete with perfumes, jewelry, wigs, purses, suitcases, etc.

I really was attached to that doll, she had a bed that was placed right next to mine; when I wore my pajama, she wore hers; when I wore my kilt, she wore hers…she always agreed with me 🙂
What a good friend!

Visit for more photos on the same theme.

Today I am grateful for time spent with my daughter out to lunch, shopping and laughing…

9 thoughts on “Oh Susanna!

  1. What a fun little doll. I can imagine the hourds of joy that a little girl must have palying with the nurse dool and the accompaying medical supplies.

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