Pink Link 16

New year, new journal.
Actually, I really do not need the beginning of a new year, to start a new journal: I own several sketch books and journals, and I use them for many different reasons at different times. What can I say? I just like paper products.
When I saw the pink journal pictured below, I could not resist, I had to have it! It has a pink leather-like cover, pink endpages, and it is ruled with pink lines!!! Now I have to find pink ink for my fountain pen and then I’ll begin making pink entries :-).

I also finally found the pink Franklin Covey 4-in-1 pen. I first saw it in a post of a Pink Saturday participant, and with her info I was able to get one for me, too. I love it: the pens offers mechanical pencil, red, blue and black ballpoint ink all in one, it’s a very convenient pen to carry with me.

Lastly here is the “Legally Blonde” DVD. Lot of pink on the cover and lot of pink throughout the movie.
I enjoy this movie every time I watch it: it’s funny, cute, and it ends the way you expect it to end.

These 3 ingredients plus free time at home in my pajama, would make me very happy anytime :-).

Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things.

Today I am grateful for simple things.

9 thoughts on “Pink Link 16

  1. AH HA! i found you! 🙂 lol…ah this Muse is getting old…I visited another of your blogs too! :)I can so understand your love of all things paper…ME TOO!

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