Pens & Paper Phinds

I was [internet] surfing, looking for pink ink, and I came across these fantabulous items:

Scented fountain pen inks: can you imagine? only pen and paper aficionados can understand the excitement. All other will probably think I am nuts.
Anyway, it’s made by J. Herbin, the oldest producer of ink in the world, making ink since the year 1700. Napoleon, Victor Hugo and Louis XVI all used J. Herbin inks!

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen at $3 each. WOW! Look at the nibs, they’re colored too. So many colors: I want them all 🙂

Noodler’s Ink – I like the originality of names for these inks featuring collectable labels. For example, Nikita is a red ink named after the former Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev.
Year of the Golden Pig a yellow highlighting ink for fountain pens of all types. Etc.

Vintage inkwells: I was drooling while viewing these….

I saw many many more great items: thanks, internet!
Let me know if you enjoyed this little trip [or not] 🙂

*** Today I am grateful for daydreaming

2 thoughts on “Pens & Paper Phinds

  1. I absolutely adored this trip! I’ve been a pen and paper fanatic all my life,and your photos of all things pertaining to same had me drooling.

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