Camera Resolutions

The current Round Robins challenge calls for sharing three photos representing three photo themes we plan to photograph this year.

Here are mine:

vintage books
fire escapes
And now visit for more photo resolutions.

Today I am grateful for being off from work.

9 thoughts on “Camera Resolutions

  1. Hi!I really like the Collections idea! I have lots of collections, really more than one person needs! Have a great week-end!!Sherrie

  2. Hi Marina :)Wonderful photo and cool ideas! I really like the Fire Escape idea. There are a ton of those in Oakland and San Francisco. Always interesting, always photogenic. πŸ™‚ Well done.Always, Carly

  3. You came up with some interesting ideas. As for the fire escapes, it would mean going into the city which doesn’t exactly thrill me but it’s doable. Nicely done!Monica

  4. Beautiful pictures ! Fire escapes wouldn’t work where I live if you mean these ladders outside. We don’t have that here !

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