Pink Link 17

I really like pendant charms to wear on my bangle bracelet or my charm holder necklace [pictured above]. 

My favorite ones are made by Juicy Couture because of their originality, quality, and the clasp that makes it so easy to interchange them.
I like to collect those charms that represent a symbol or object related somehow to my life experience. So that the whole collection becomes an iconic representation of…me.
Among the charms I own are some pink ones, like the peace sign [above], and the scooter below.

Perfect for a Pink Saturday, no?

Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things.

11 thoughts on “Pink Link 17

  1. My daughter, Ashley has the same bracelet! What a great way to mark important times in your life. She also has a little wooden tree that she puts the charms on when she isn’t wearing the bracelet or because there are too many charms to wear! It’s a cute way to decorate her apartment.

  2. A really sweet scooter..but my grandaughter would love the pink peace sign. Happy belated Pink Saturday..

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