Pink Link 18

Thrift store PINK finds.
All these items were photographed at the thrift store yesterday:
1) A Guess purse.

2) Another purse labeled “ZIP-IT”, it is made of zippers sewn together!!!!

3) A Trailer Park handbag. 

4) A Susan Komen nylon backpack
5) FBI cap.

6) Vans cap on a cool head mannequin. 

7) A crocheted winter hat.
8) Bandolino mules.
9) And a knit sweater with beaded buttons shaped like perfume bottles.

Now hurry over to Beverly’s blog for more pink things.

Today I am grateful for thrift stores full of fun treasures.

10 thoughts on “Pink Link 18

  1. Thanks for Pink Saturday fun!I am not covered up with pink here, at our cottage, The Painted Nest, LOL so that SAT was a stretch for me!! 🙂 LOLI am running behind on my comments as I have been traveling for work :)OK I LOVE the trailer park bag! LOL but waht in the world??? A pink fbi hat??? LOL LOL so NOT undercover! LOL

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