Identical Identity

My friend Valerie posted a question on her blog today asking “if we could pick an identity other than ours, what would it be?”
I immediately thought it was a cool question, but when I sat there thinking of an answer I really could not think of anyONE I would want to be. I responded that “I may want to be somewhat different, but still me [like, slimmer, for example], I would like to have the courage to glide with those gliding things, and swim with dolphins….things like that, but I cannot think of anyONE I would want to be.

I wouldn’t mind being an animal, though, like a seagull [gliding in the wind current], or a wolf, I’d like to be part of a pack, and bark a lot, and howl…”
This made me think that even when I was younger I never wished to be anyone else, I wished to be in other places, or to be more courageous in order to accomplish certain dreams of mine [nothing to do with a career], but always as me.
At the same time I also never dreamed to be a doctor, or a teacher, or anything else. I do not recall even thinking “when I grow up I want to be a….” This really made it hard when it was time to choose a school after middle school [In Italy, high schools are a lot different from American high schools; they concentrate studies according to the diploma you are seeking, like when here you choose your major in college, you make that decision before enrolling in high school. [For more details on this, you may want to read about it here].

I chose the Magistrali [school designed to train elementary-school teachers] simply because it did not concentrate too much on one subject more than others.

This is my high school building in Italy.
I do not know what all this means, maybe that I do not know what I want, or that I am still confused, or that I am not ambitious…but none of those are important to me anyway, soooo….maybe that’s why I still feel very young in my head? or, at least, that’s how I like to explain it to myself.
Who knows?


Today I am grateful for having attended Italian schools.

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