Joy: What Makes Your Heart Happy?




They fill my heart with joy, they make me laugh every day.

Visit for more photos on the same theme.

Today I am grateful for re-discovering old friends.

11 thoughts on “Joy: What Makes Your Heart Happy?

  1. Hi!They are so cute!! I really like the kitty, I’m a cat person, but have a couple dogs too. The one in the middle is really cute, what an expression on his face! Have a great day!!Sherrie

  2. Hi Marina :)What great group of fur babies you have! I love the look on Oreo’s face… so serious! They made me smile today, thanks for that.Always, Carly

  3. You have beautiful fur babies. I must admit that my favorite photo is of Ceaser, he looks like you disturbed his nap!Monica

  4. It's Holly again.Oh…I'm a boy not a girl.My Mom & Dad call me HOLY actually but spell my name as Holly.Auntie MavisMolly has just updated my Blog with a new photo…I'm desperately Looking for a Lady Poodle. H-E-L-P plese!!!

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