Elena’s Place

This my cousin Elena’s place. I took some pictures when I visited her because I really liked it.
Double click a photo to view its larger version

Here is the living room. I love that large painting!

And the dining area is on the left of the sofa; cool clear chairs.
More of the dining area.
This is her son Lorenzo’s portrait of when he was a toddler.
Collectible ceramic cows on the kitchen cabinets.
And cute critters sitting on the cookie jar 
Lorenzo’s bedroom. The top bunk bed is covered with his plush animals. Look at the two on the bottom bed… How sweet.

This is his bathroom [yep, he has a bathroom of his own, with a bidet, too]. I don’t have a bathroom of my own. And I do not have a bidet, either. I wish…
This is a fossil thingy she has in the living room.

And this is what you see from her window. I miss those mountains in the background!

 The End.

Now hurry over to Carrie’s blog for more friday foto finish fiesta .

Today I am grateful for having the respect of people important in my life.

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