Garden Moments

It’s so nice to be able to go out in the garden and notice that spring is here!
I never saw rosemary’s flowers before, so I was really happy to see my rosemary bush showing off these purple tiny flowers.

Loki really loves it out there, I often catch him sitting in the sun and trying to keep his eyes open.
The Magnolia tree is bursting with pink gorgeous flowers [click on the photo and see it bigger].

Here is my iron chair: a shallow vase with succulents replaces the chair-pad.
I love the shape of this trunk, it reminds me of muscled arms. The bird house is stuck in there and it will be “swallowed” soon. I like it when that happens…
Tiny white flowers on this big round bush.
And plumped buds on the dogwood branches.
I always enjoy photographing my peeking flamingos; they are always peeking through the fence, rain or shine!
My twin holly trees with the sun shining through.
Can you breathe the spring air?

Now hurry over to Carrie’s blog for more friday foto finish fiesta .

Today I am grateful for nice weather.

4 thoughts on “Garden Moments

  1. Marina what a paradise in your garden! The magnolia is definitely in bloom all over Lecco and elsewhere — such a pretty sight to see.

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