It’s true: we really appreciate things more when, for some reason, we no longer have them.

Of course, like many of us, I experienced this several times in my life, and on many different levels.
For example, when I moved to the USA from Italy, I found myself without a whole lot of things I was used to: how I appreciated them, then!
When, after hurricane Katrina, we were left for a week without electricity….wow, for a computer and TV fanatic, it’s really a long time!
And now, this whole week before Easter, I decided to practice abstinence from meat products and also limit my diet to vegetables and fruits. By missing the food that I regularly eat,  I am constantly aware of what this week represents. While I eat my “cold” food [I can’t wait to have a warm meal! and pasta!] I often find myself imagining life in the Land of Israel’s wilderness 2000 years ago. 
And even though I do appreciate the good food I am not eating during this week, I also appreciate the opportunity to examine life choices in general, I also find myself thinking about a different view of reality and values, different from those of the culture around us. And I can’t help but to conclude: how “spoiled” we are…  
Today I am grateful for having decided to “fast” for Lent.

3 thoughts on “Quaresima

  1. wish i’d have fasted for lent as well. helps me remember it’s true meaning. easter is my favorite holiday and it snuck up on me this year! been thinking of you lately! hope to come to the shop soon. xo! p.s. glad for the good medical results.

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