Porch Adventure

Yesterday I went to see my friend Valerie. 
I arrived on her porch and knocked at her door, but nobody answered. A neighbor told me that she was probably trying to have little Sophie take a nap. So I decided to hang around on her porch  for a little while. Of course I took my camera out and I began shooting away…
Here is a cool metal chair [top view]:

an old metal lantern with a  giant [puppet] mosquito trapped inside. I am sure I’ll find out it’s something else, like a fairy, but this is my interpretation; two pink piggies and a little man are guarding that the giant mosquito does not escape.

A bovine skull:
A baby dinosaurs hatching out:
A guarding gnome on the steps, [i thought this photo would be more dramatic in black and white:-)],
a tiny gnome in a geranium pot.
And another one up in the tree, to feed the birds.
We later went shopping…

…and sat for some lunch [or dinner?]. Here is Sophie waiting patiently for her pizza.

How cute!

Today I am grateful for time with friends.

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