Amazon Delivery


I received my Amazon order: Danny Gregory’s “An Illustrated Life” [drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers], 

and the new, huge, gi-normeous, Moleskine Folio!!!
So big! I love it; look:

it measures 12″ X 8″.

I love those large blank pages…can’t wait to fill them [oh, and that’s my metal Caran D’Ache mechanical pencil].
And here is a set of Van Gogh Moleskine sketchbooks, covered in brightly colored silk, that I found for an unbelievable low price. So I stocked up. They are still wrapped in cellophane.

 This is the type of things that I absolutely love.
 Today I am grateful for my new sketchbooks.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Delivery

  1. omg! i love this! i have never seen a moleskin that big. i just got the red planner. it’s hard to get more possibilities than a new journal, but a new journal in cellophane takes the cake. p.s. i saved a turtle on azalea garden road too! they need to be more careful over there!

  2. isn’t it fantabulous? I also have a red planner [it’s there in the last photo next to the colorful sketchbooks].I think that it may have been the same stubborn turtle, wanting to cross the street like chickens do…:-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I just love Moleskines – could not believe you actually have a tag! Off course, our choices are limited over here.

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