Feeding Time at Wal-mart

see the little bird under the dollar sign? Before flying there, he was in the middle of the aisle pecking at some bird seeds spilled from a bag of seeds for sale in the store. He flew up there as I approached…..

So cute.

Now hurry over to Carrie’s blog for more friday foto finish fiesta .

Today I am grateful for good music.

7 thoughts on “Feeding Time at Wal-mart

  1. I was just in Wally World the other day and saw a whole “flock” of birds. Couldn’t believe it! LOLGreat photo!Happy Friday!

  2. Sadly enough, I am afraid of birds and it is even worse when they are enclosed in a building. I can’t even begin to explain the terror. And then, when they make noises and it echoes inappropriately off of buildings. Thank you Alfred Hitchcock for scaring the hell out of me by making The Birds available at 10:30 p.m. during an evening that I was babysitting. How can I ever repay you? Happy Fx4 (chirpped in a mocking voice) Carrie

  3. Cute photo:-)Wesee those at our local Walmart, too. They fly in through the garden center. Often see them at Costco, as well..

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