Good Bye, Pink Tree!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful pink tree in my garden.

Crabapple in my front yard
It was donated to me few years back by a [then] friend with the thought that, because she had a terminal disease, I would remember her every time I looked at the tree.
Unfortunately this friend turned out to be everything but a friend [actually, she is  convinced to have been the greatest friend, but I think she cannot objectively judge her own actions = selective memory; additionally she managed to tell me in many words that I am the worst human being alive, that nobody likes me and more awful things -like “little Judah”- , but I will stop here…. ].
Anyway…this spring, I noticed that the tree was late giving those beautiful pink flowers, until I finally realized that, sadly, the tree had died.
no flowers, no leaves…

What an amazing coincidence!
Well, at least the donor survived the tree….

Today I am grateful for acceptance.

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