I Heart My iPhone!

Yes, I do!

Now that I have had it for a few months I honestly don’t know how I lived without it. 
Here it is on the charging dock. 

I  use my iCal [calendar] every day and I like how the iPhone syncs with my Mac, updating all my appointments, contacts, bookmarks, photos and music.
I like being able to check my e-mail at any time. And I like to type on it too.

I love taking pictures with my iPhone and draw quick sketches on the iDraw app. 

I find the GPS on the phone to be very useful when I don’t know where I’m going.  
The speaker is the best I’ve heard on a cell phone. The screen is so beautifully high-res, it’s wonderful to look at.

The apps are the most amazing thing about this phone.
Shazam is a great one: just point to a source of music and it’ll tell you what’s playing!!!

I love the Twitter application, and also the TODO one: it helps me keep my deadlines.

I use the Gratitude Journal almost every day, iTV for favorite shows, and CleanFreak keeps me on track with cleaning routines.

The BigOven app features thousands of great recipes and grocery list for chosen recipes.

Pricecheckah helps me find the best deals on practically anything by searching well known online stores, and you can search by item name, ISBN’s or UPC codes!
I keep track of my monthly budget on the iXpensit app, and track my Weight Watcher points on the iTracker. Even my passwords are kept in the mSecure app. And I can listen to birds singing anytime I open the BirdClock app.

The only game I installed is Glyder, where I can “fly” over wonderful landscapes….

But the best treat is the kindle for iPhone: no need to carry your book with you, I just read it on my iPhone [considering the Amazon Kindle costs $300, and this app $0, it’s an awesome deal!!!].

I admit I would be very, very sad if I had to downgrade from my iPhone to a “regular” cell phone. 

Now hurry over to Carrie’s blog for more friday foto finish fiesta .

Today I am grateful for my iPhone.

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