Loki Got Himself A Pet

It’s true!

I was awaken this morning by a very loud *CHIRP*.
When I usually hear birds being very noisy I always run to the window to make sure that my cat Caesar is not out there bothering them. This time, the chirping was way too loud to be outdoor. I sat up and looked at the dog-bed at the foot of my bed, praying Caesar didn’t bring me a “gift”.
And there they were: my dog Loki sitting like the Sphinx just looking at the baby robin like he was “his”.
I rushed to pick him up and went out to the front yard [where Loki could not bother him again] and placed him on the dogwood tree. Few moments later I went back outside to take these photos and mama robin swoop down to scare me away.
I went back inside reassured that his mom knew where he was.

Loki was looking at me through the fence from the backyard, wondering why he could not keep him.

I had a long talk with him afterward.
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Today I am grateful forbirds.

7 thoughts on “Loki Got Himself A Pet

  1. I stopped by to thank you for following my blog. I love the idea of memories being like pebbles; I'm following back so I can watch you collect them. And maybe remember to be a bit more mindful of my own!

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