Fresh Cut Day

That’s what Joe calls Oreo’s haircut on grooming day: fresh cut day.
Oreo always hates going to the groomer and he looks at me like I am abandoning him each time I leave him there. But when I pick him up he looks so happy to be hair-less: he runs around the house showing off with Loki who follows him around to smell those foreign odors Oreo had brought back.

The groomer shop is called “Four On The Floor”. It’s run but a lovely woman who clearly loves animals. She has several animals that live in the shop, including, among many, a three-legged dog, a rabbit, a parrot, and I have even seen a pigeon there.
There is a wall in the shop featuring beautiful animal pictures and figurines, mainly vintage. I am showing a few below.


Today I am grateful for noisy dogs.

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