“Four On The Floor” is the name of my dog groomer shop. I take my Oreo there every two or three months.
I posted a few photos of some interesting items displayed on the shop wall, some posts ago.
I love that place: the owner loves animals [obviously], and I think people bring her rescued animals of all kinds. She already owns a couple of cats or three and they roam the store like they are in charge; they particularly love to lay on the counter, between customer and shop owner as they try to hold a conversation. There is also a large three legged dog, a parrot, a small barking dog…and I don’t know who else. I have even seen a pigeon there one time and a seagull.
A couple of days ago, as I walked in, I immediately noticed a cage on the counter. But then my attention zoomed to a baby squirrel…. right there, on the counter.

That was the baby girl squirrel, the quiet one, they said; the terrible ones were the two boys. The way they described them, reminded me of the two opossums in the movie “Ice Age 2”: very hyper and playful. One lady was feeding one of the boys with a tiny baby bottle. When he had enough, he ran up and down her arms as they were tree branches: too funny!

They loved to have their belly rubbed…..

Aren’t they adorable?
The lady explained that as a tree was cut down nearby, a squirrel nest was found, with the three babies in it, with their eyes still shut. They were brought in the shop were they have been bottle fed since.
They have just began experiencing solid food, and they seemed very excited when I put my finger through the cage bars: the boy was hungry!!!!

Today I am grateful for having tickled a squirrel’s belly!

5 thoughts on “Triplets

  1. Loved this post…so very cute! I wish there were more squirrels here in the forest, even my dogs would have something to say about that if it ever ventured into our yard!

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