While Driving

I know, I should not take pictures while driving, but, what can I say, I enjoy doing it.

I must say, though, that I do not look at the camera to frame the photo: I just point and click.
And then, later, I review them: if the photo is bad I delete it, if it’s good enough for me…..good!

Pictured above are 4 photos taken on my way to Ocean View in Norfolk. That area is in continuous re-development, so when driving along one may see beautiful newly built homes and still some of the old apartment buildings and houses that have not been replaced yet.
That kitschy hand-made swing set was in front of one of these old houses. It’s too funny, I had to capture it.
The top left photo shows some of those new beach houses.
The bottom photos show the road that runs next to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
View more photo mosaics at Monday Mosaic 

Today I am grateful for moments holding Oreo.

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