Good Bye 2009

So let’s see if I can summarize my year in few sentences.
First of all I want to say that I am glad there are not too many extremely exciting events to report. How strange that this would have bothered me few years ago, instead now I am so grateful ….
So, here it goes.

I took my yearly trip to Los Angeles to visit my daughter in May, and spent a little time with my brother when he came to see me in October. I lost a pet when Oreo went to doggie heaven.
I underwent two mammograms and two MRI’s. I also regularly visited a dentist office and a chiropractor. I celebrated another birthday. I consumed a lot of Good & Plenty. I tried to regularly find time to swim at the gym. I went to the wedding of my daughter’s friend.
I gained an iPhone and a Nikon D5000. Made lots of phone calls to my mom in Italy.
I get regular visits from an opossum, various caterpillars, and birds. And I got to tickle a squirrel’s belly.
More Moleskines were added to my collection, I sketched and doodled, drew and painted all throughout the year. I also blogged a lot, uploaded photos to flickr, and played on facebook. I also worked a lot and enjoyed it.
Today I am grateful for another good year.

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