Digging Robins

[click photo to enlarge]

As I was approaching my friend Valerie’s house, I could see leaves jumping up in the air right at the foot of a tree in her front yard. It was actually funny: it seemed as jumping beans were under the leaves piled against the tree.
I parked my car and finally noticed a group of robins having a ball digging for worms. As you can see, it was not easy to detect them until you really looked for them.
They were so into it, I was able to take these pictures without scaring them away…

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Today I am grateful for witnessing fun nature scenes.
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8 thoughts on “Digging Robins

  1. Oh my goodness, how sweet – but I won't be seeing any robins here in Michigan for at least three months ;( . Sad but true!!!Have a beautiful new week…Kathy

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