4 Wheeled Marina

I learned how to drive in Italy and it was not until I was almost 20 years old. I was not very interested in learning how to drive automobiles, as I enjoyed my scooter too much!
I dedicated a whole post [Wheeled Marina] to my history on less-than-4 wheels.

In Italy automatic transmission cars were not common [still aren’t], so I think it’s a little more difficult to learn how to drive there, especially considering the size of the roads, and the numerous bikes and mopeds you have to pass constantly. Furthermore, to obtain a driver’s license you also get tested on your knowledge of the engine. Yes!!!! It’s almost as bad as studying civics.

I took driving classes at a registered Driving School. The instructor had pedals [just like a driver] in the passenger seat for protection hahaha. Thank goodness my instructor was a woman….

My first car was a Mini Minor [yes, they have been around that long!], my dad helped me pay for it, it was a pre-owned one, though, so it was not that expensive. I loved it: it was so cute!

Today I am grateful for all the cars I was able to own in my life.


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