Easter Memories

The Easter bunny was not part of my Easter family celebration when I was little. 
I grew up in Italy.  Easter in Italian is “Pasqua”, and it is the second most important religious holiday after ChristmasOf course, because Italy is such an overwhelmingly Catholic country, the holiday is all about the remembrance of the passion of Christ. I attended many of processions and church events throughout my youth.

Easter for Italians has the same importance that Thanksgiving Day has for Americans. And the Monday following Easter is equally important  and a nationwide holiday as well. 

Chocolate bunnies are not common, [no Easter bunnies there] but beautifully decorated chocolate eggs are a traditional Easter treat and gift!  Everybody gets an egg for their dear ones, even those who do not celebrate Easter religiously. They are so fancy looking with the foiled wrapping, see?

Inside each egg is hidden a small gift. Or not so small, depending on how luxurious [and expensive] the egg is!

I can still remember the excitement on Easter day when, as an impatient little girl, I was finally allowed to open the egg after the family Easter meal. The best thing was “knocking” on the top of the egg to make a hole that allowed my hand to reach in for the surprise! 

I also remember decorating chicken eggs, but I wasn’t much into that.
 I preferred the chocolate eggs with the surprise.

FlashBack Friday

Today I am grateful for Swiss chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. I really like those Futurama eggs! It's one of my favorite shows. My family was never very religious so our Easter tradition was to hide baskets of candy and cook a ham. I do not know what chocolate and pork have to do with Jesus dying for our sins, but my parents seemed to find some tentative connection.

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