Microfiction Monday

where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.

Above is this week’s picture, and here’s my story:


“My agent is going to get it for this. 
Hello-o? I am THE Bunny, supposedly the main character, 
but here I am carrying around Mr. Chubby.”

Today I am grateful for funny movies.


15 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday

  1. Although having to get a different agent might prove to be a hare-y situation, I find the rabbit rider's "fluffy" to be cute! NOTE: Fluffy (<– the result of too many chocolate buns?) is the new chubby. LOL!

  2. There's a great Veggie Tales movie which tells the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in which they are required to worship a GIANT CHOCOLATE BUNNY!I'm thinking your bunny aspired to THAT part!Fun Microfiction Monday!

  3. Seeing the final prints should be some consolation to Mr. Bun, as he looks so much better than Chubby — but this story does account for his grumpy face! LOL(I'm sorry to be so late btw; we had power outages all Easter weekend here. I'm out of candles now and out of patience! But finally back online)

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