The Incident.

Every year all the employees of the agency I work for, attend a retreat that takes place in Wakefield, VA, about an hour and a half drive from Norfolk.
We usually carpool and this year was no exception.
I was not driving, so I enjoyed taking pictures.
See Gloria’s car in the rearview mirror.
Suddenly one of the wheels of the car I was riding in, decided to go elsewhere and it did.
This is what we saw when we got out of the car.
The wheel rolled and hit Gloria’s car behind us and another vehicle too. In the photo below in the background: Shawn is walking to the other vehicle involved in the incident.
Here is the damage to Gloria’s car.
Gloria’s car.
And a patch of grass caught on fire from sparks of rotor against the road.
Other vehicle hit by Shawn’s tire.
We had to wait for tow trucks so, in the meantime, I capture a butterfly posing on Shawn’s car.

Today I am grateful because nobody was injured in the incident.


3 thoughts on “The Incident.

  1. wOW! You didn't even mention it. I especially the part about sparkles catching the grass on fire. Was tinkerbell with you? valerie

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