Microfiction Monday

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.
Here’s this week’s picture, followed by my story for it —


-“Here Nessie, Nessie, Nessie…… come and cuddle with momma!”
[to the audience]: please forgive this Lock Ness monster: he’s a little shy.-

Today I am grateful forΒ rain.

14 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday

  1. Oh dear this was so good I just have to critique itstop at "here nessie nessie nessie"that's it..all you needed!super wished I'd thought of thatso very original

  2. Hey–my hubby and I sat by Loch Ness and enjoyed a lunch of bread, ham and cheese…alas, no Loch Ness Monster to be found, but it was romantic, none the less.Hope you have a great week. Cheers!

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