The Pond.

The last time I visited this place, a couple of years ago, this wooden path used to be only one inch higher than the level of the water in the pond. I loved walking there, with water on both sides of the path, and all those trees with their “feet” in the water. Now as you walk, you can see mud and only few pockets of water where tiny creatures try to survive. I hope for a lot of rain to bring it back to the way it was…..

Thirsty Lily

Look at this tree that grew between two boards and now is swallowing some of them.

Today I am grateful for water.

6 thoughts on “The Pond.

  1. This place is beautiful! It reminds me of a place near my house called Parker Dam. There's a wooden trail like the one at your pond, but it winds through marsh land. Still very pretty!

  2. This is a beautiful area. We could use a wooden causeway when our woods are wet. At the moment we are seeing much the same thing – all the areas that are usually wet are dried up. I too wonder where the little frogs and turtles have gone, and I hope they are alright.

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