The Drive from Milan to Lecco.

We arrived in Milan around 8am, and my two cousins Luciana and Enrica were there to pick us up and take us “home”. Gilda, of course was also there, she sat on Enrica’s lap the entire drive to Lecco (=my hometown on lake Como).
I took some photos as we drove along: the weather was grey, but the view was still beautiful.
Lake of Pusiano

Lago di Pusiano

Odd sculpture in a traffic circle
Familiar mountain and clay roofs

Little paese at the foot of the mountain


And my lake: I’m almost home!!!!

Today I am grateful for the beautiful lake Como.


4 thoughts on “The Drive from Milan to Lecco.

  1. Although I was in Italy recently this is one area I didn’t see. It is very pretty and the sculpture definitely unique. Thank you for sharing this interesting part of your life journey. πŸ™‚

  2. breathtaking.. and very familiar to my eyes… my wife's family came to the USA from Auronzo. One day we hope to visit there. Your lake Como must be nearby, yes? The mountains look so familiar.

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