As you walk in the pet friendly grooming salon Four On The Floor, you are always welcomed by a couple of cats that patiently wait for any customers to open the door for them, either to go in or come out. They have free range in the shop, and I love that they feel comfortable to sit on the counter next to Theresa, the owner, while she sets an appointment in the book.
It’s such a fun place to be: I blogged about this shop a couple of times before, once about the wall decorations and another time about three baby squirrels rescued by Theresa.

As I walked in today, she was sitting on a stool holding the orange tabby, Arthur, like a teddy bear: he amazingly sat still in her lap and I told Theresa how he looked like something from a Hallmark card. She then asked me “do you want to see something funny?”, of course I said “yes!”. She disappeared in the back for a few minutes and she came out putting Arthur on the counter dressed in a Santa suit.

Theresa explained that he loves it; for some reason I did not agree :-). But apparently he did not mind. She explained that if you place him somewhere and pose him, he will stay, and then she proved it!

What an adorable Arthur!!!!

Merry Christmas from Arthur!!!

Pets Pride

Today I am grateful for different pet’s personalities.

6 thoughts on “Arthur

  1. That's amazing and cute and fun! I love it! And I love golden cats like Arthur! Terrific photos and he's a great model, isn't he! Fun post for the day!Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  2. Imagine a cat who doesn't mind being dressed. I love some of those poses! Arthur is adorable as Santa.– KKay, Alberta, CanadaAn Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. I love Arthur, he's such a handsome cat! That's amazing he likes dressing up though, can't imagine my cats liking that. His pose is very funny! What a great shop! I'd be topping in every day just to visit those cats!

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